Are You a Water Waster? Take Our Quiz to Find Out

By ch1c0nta@ctus 04.02.2016 interact

California state officials have imposed mandatory water restrictions for the first time in history as the state has been facing severe drought. The goal is to reduce the use of water in the state by 25 percent! So think twice next time you let the shower or sink run while you are on the phone or getting distracted.

Drought is when an area gets less than its expected amount of rain for several months. And droughts are believed to be an effect of global warming — warmer temperatures have the potential to increase the probability of drought, which in turn heightens the risk of wildfires.

Take the quiz to test your water conservation smarts, then find out if your state is currently in a drought or headed for one by visiting the U.S. Drought Monitor.


  1. spencer

    I got 11 out of 12 almost there

  2. Rp

    Are You a Water Waster?
    12 of 12 questions answered correctly
    You have reached 12 of 12 points, (100%)

    • katie moore

      I got a 12/12 on the test I love science and I am the

      • Austyn S

        I Got 10/12! that’s pretty good for my grade in Science Lol

    • Jack S

      I am not conforming to the generic label but i got 47% on the quiz. We are all consumers and answering honestly, I think non opposing group think can be dangerous.

  3. Declan

    8/12 is pretty good, I think.

  4. Monaca Towa

    im a water saver YEAHH Booyah i save water

    • Alexis Nicole ralph

      I’m a water saver yass

  5. Bethany

    Im a water waster im suprised✌

  6. Bethany

    oh my gosh im a water waster✌

  7. Bethany

    Oh my gosh I’m water waster i can’t belive it!✌

  8. max macmillan

    boo yah im a water SAVER # spencer u are one too Im just so cool i got a 14/12 try an beat that ohh u cant hahaha im too good for watch out be jelly #imcoolyournot #hasttag#maxisawatersaver#shortshowersmightsmellbutsaveswater

  9. Joe

    Why channel one new why?!?! I’m just doing what my dad says -_-

  10. Arabella

    I’m not

  11. Claire Summers

    I thought I was going to ace this quiz, but I only got 6/12! This quiz has really helped me out. I know how to conserve my water now. 🙂

  12. Terence

    I love how they used this survey!

  13. Terence

    I love this quiz!

  14. Dylan Crozier

    I dont really waste water I usually wait to get out of the shower then text that person back you should waste water

  15. nun of your business


  16. Xander


  17. DJ Smith

    This doesn’t make much sense…… doesn’t really tell you if you waste water, it only tells you “Hey, y’all don’t know anything about water conservation, you must be a water waster!” I got a low score on here, but I conserve water a lot, I just don’t know all the facts. I don’t exactly care how much water we use by flushing the stupid toilet.

  18. Alex Ramirez


  19. Hugh G Rection

    I love wasting water

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