Here’s How You Can
Help End Bullying

By ch1c0nta@ctus 01.15.2017 interact

Did you know an estimated 30 percent of students in the U.S. have experienced bullying? That means 30 percent of you have likely been afraid to go to school or ride the bus — and for some, this growing problem has led them to extremes, like asking their families to move to a new school district, or, in the worst cases, suicide.


Experts say that it’s just as important to reduce bullying as it is to reduce weapons in schools, which has happened over the past few years because of surveillance cameras and metal detectors. Bullying, however, can lead to worse, more violent behavior, says William Modzeleski, of the Federal Safe and Drug-Free Schools Program.

And for kids who have something different about them, the abuse can be even worse. At least five teens in past month have taken their own lives after being a victim of gay bashing. According to a recent survey on gay bullying, nine out of 10 students who identify themselves as gay, lesbian or bisexual are bullied in school, and they are four times more likely than heterosexual kids to attempt suicide.

If you or a friend is a victim of bullying, find places that can help near you in one of the links below.


  1. Lauren LeCompte

    At my school, no matter what you do about it, it never stops.

    • Billy

      People who bully others for crazy reasons like being gay,lesbian,or even trans. They deserve to get into a lot of trouble people are committing suicide every year almost 44,202 males and females commit suicide i lost a friend because of bullying it needs to stop

  2. jakaia

    here is something to everyone who’s been bully even, tho your fed up plz keep your head up I kno how it feels to get bullied but kill them with kindness they want the best of you. here is something to everyone who is a bully , just stop whatever u doin to hurt that someone cause it hurts a role model .

  3. rain

    ok small rant…. i’ve been bullied but i’m the kinda person that don’t take crap from no one!! someone told me today that my favorite band was stupid so i yelled at him. one of my best friend dosent like my boyfriend so i didnt really say anything cuz i didnt wanna be rude and people talk about me and do i care no cuz i let thing get to me but i dont blow up on people and im sorry you dont like me and im sorry im sorry im a truthful person and im sorry im not freaking perfect. cuz guess what… NO ONE IS!!!!!!!!!!

  4. collin dennis

    i have been bullyed too and they stoped thank god there is no bullying no more! yes!

  5. sammy

    i have been bullied/harass and people call me gay (i am strait) and much more it is a ongoing problem i try to ignore it but it is not that easy and when you stand up for another you learn why people shy away but whatever when your bullied you learn just one more to the list

    • Christina Dawkins

      Sammy, I see why you are up set.
      Some people in my gym class say “gay” means “happy”, so when people call you gay just say, “you’re right, I am happy” then eventually they will stop, it worked for me. 🙂

    • kathy

      I know how you fell but i was never called gay i’m (strait) but i know how it fells how to be bullied and it fells like your lost and it hurt a lot and i try to ignore it as well but no matter what i still fell the pain inside me and i am sometimes sad

  6. landen pickett

    People had been bullied this year alot like me.

    • reagan


  7. allison ferreira

    I have been bullied a lot its not fun I wish that was a law I have seen my friends be bully and I try to stick up for some of them but if there not nice im not their friends is see a lot of people that get bully a lot and I feel really terrible for them…..

    • Amari

      are they physical touching you if they are not just ignore them and mind your only business trust me I have been bullied too.

  8. allison ferreira

    I think people who try to stop fights good for them but when you think your going to get hurt you need to stay out of it!!!!!!!

  9. savannah

    we need to do somthing if we dont do nothing it will just keep on happening

  10. Edgar

    I think that bullying is bad. It can hurt people a lot. I’ve been bullied and let me tell you, it does not feel good. For all you bullies out there, stop bullying, become the bigger person and dont bully, imagine if you were bullying someone that you caared about. That would just be plain sad. Dont bully.

  11. AJ/Angelina

    kids usually turn into bullies because someone bullied them before. I feel bad for the bully before he/she was a bully. I also feel bad for victims of the bully

    • reagan

      That is SO true!! 🙁

  12. AJ/Angelina

    bullies usually bully other kids because they were bullied before. I’ve witness someone turning from nice to a bully. I don’t like when stuff like this happens I feel really bad for the bullies before they turned into bullies

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