Arielle Answers Your Questions!

By Tonka Dobreva 08.07.2015 interact

Have you always wanted to know what it takes to become a journalist? Or what it’s like to travel the world reporting on cool stories? Well wonder no more, because now you can Ask an Anchor! Over the next few weeks each of the Channel One anchors will be taking your questions and answering them on camera.

Though she’s still new to the Channel One team, Arielle Hixson has already proved that she’s a great reporter. Her love for food and sustainability resulted in some of the most interesting stories this season, and she’s one of the most cheerful people in the newsroom. Learn more about what keeps Arielle so happy in the video below:


  1. cianna

    yall are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. cianna

    i love you guys i watch you every day at school.Keep up the good work

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    i <3 you guys

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      I go for nobody because I think Trump has good points but Hillary also has some. At the end of the day Trump has a lot of points and Hillary has good points. GOOD LUCK to both!

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    I watch channel 1 everyday and it is AMAZING like pizza!!!

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    i watch channel one news every day at school.

  6. Katelyn Monroe

    i watch channel one news every day at school. I love it!

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    I was wondering if it’s hare 2 be a journalist please answer! 😉

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    Me and my friends really like channel one news!

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    I love her too! I really enjoyed this segment. Thanks for sharing!!!

    • onlyme123

      she is a very great anchor and is very pretty!

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    I love Arielle..can’t wait to watch alll of the exciting stories.

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