Demetrius Pipkin Answers Your Questions

By Tonka Dobreva 07.28.2015 interact

Have you always wanted to know what it takes to become a journalist? Or what it’s like to travel the world reporting on cool stories? Well wonder no more, because now you can Ask an Anchor! Over the next few weeks each of the Channel One anchors will be taking your questions and answering them on camera.

The star of this week’s Ask an Anchor is Demetrius Pipkin! Whether he’s in front of or behind the camera, Demetrius’ pieces are always fun and informative. From swimming with dolphins to chasing storms, he’s covered some very exciting news in the past few seasons.

Here’s Demetrius answering your questions — watch the video below:


  1. Quinton.DeMello

    What is your favorite basketball team

    • DD PIPPY

      My favorite basketball team is the Dallas Cowboys. My my favorite player is Jackie Robinson.

  2. caden waychoff

    awsome i love channleonenews

    • Aidan Riley

      *Chanel One News

  3. love wolfs

    YES!!!!!!!! Bacon Bacon is awsome give me those and I would be happy for the reast of the day!

  4. love wolfs

    i dare you to do the ice bucket chalenge say yeh if you agre with me actualy the whole channle one news team do it

  5. April

    A question for Demetrius: How old were you when you realized you wanted to be an anchor? What made you realize this was to be your career?

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