Maggie Answers Your Questions!

By Tonka Dobreva 07.10.2015 interact

Have you always wanted to know what it takes to become a journalist? Or what it’s like to travel the world reporting on cool stories? Well wonder no more, because now you can Ask an Anchor! Over the next few weeks each of the Channel One anchors will be taking your questions and answering them on camera.

Last week, Keith talked about his travels, family, and favorite food. Now it’s Maggie Rulli’s turn! Watch the video to below to learn more about Maggie’s favorite summer activities and her favorite kind of tree:


  1. lilliana

    Who are u dating

  2. elizabeth mastrolonardo

    why do you travel so much

  3. maryam togmah

    well i think that the new selfie idea is useless because why go to a boring app if you can just unlock your phone and go to camera

  4. treasure williams

    hi maggie, this is 11 year old treasure williams from hemingway m. b .lee middle school and i wanna get some great advice about being a fashion designer when i grow up

  5. Joshua

    hey maggie do you know how you guys came up with channel one news❓

  6. 20snyder.brent

    Have you guys done any shows on steam trains

  7. Anya Lyman

    Hey Maggie, Anya Lyman here. You are awesome and amazing. You are my favorite person on Channel One.
    What do I need to become a journalist and work just like you on Channel One News???

  8. ally hill

    hey Maggie! ally here. any tips on becoming an interior designer????

  9. Isabel

    P.S What do I need to do to become a great journalist? Thanks!:)

  10. Isabel

    Hey Maggie! I think you are pretty cool! What else is there to khow about you? What are all the places you have been too? See ya!:)

  11. My Name is pAigE CrISP

    Channel one is awesome we watch it every day
    i really like your guys storys

  12. Applecat

    Hi Maggie I have a best friend with the same name but I want to ask you

    I’m new here on channel one and I wanted to know if you have any cool experinces working there?!

  13. JasmineandJennifer

    Maggie we love you and think you are beautiful!
    We wanted to know, how fun is it to be on Channel One News?

  14. Emma Young

    Hello, Maggie! My classmates and I watch channel 1 almost everyday! Questions!
    Have you ever wanted to go to another country? If so, what country?~ Emma

  15. love wolfs

    I love you so much!do you ever want to go to Florida?? 8)

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