Tom Answers Your Questions!

By Tonka Dobreva 07.17.2015 interact

Have you always wanted to know what it takes to become a journalist? Or what it’s like to travel the world reporting on cool stories? Well wonder no more, because now you can Ask an Anchor! Over the next few weeks each of the Channel One anchors will be taking your questions and answering them on camera.

Our third installment of Ask an Anchor is all about reporter and travel expert Tom Hanson! In his two years at Channel One Tom has traveled to Africa, Portugal, Panama, Mexico, and dozens of other locations all over the world. Check out Tom’s responses to your questions in the video below!


  1. Eric and Victor

    WHERED YOU GO??????

  2. Nathan

    Hi Tom! How long have you loved the news, and being a news anchor for Channel One News?

  3. hgirl

    You are so awesome Tom! Did you like it in Iran? I want to travel like you!

  4. Brogan London

    Can you do a show about whether bug schools thanks.

  5. Brogan London

    Did you like it in Iran

  6. Caleb St John

    Hey Tom can you do a show on global pollution thanks

  7. Caleb St John

    Hey Tom can you do a show on global pollution thanks

  8. jason

    hi tom i just stared a news cast and i wondered if you could give me some tips

    • Sarah Dinkel

      The life you share with them and it will stay in your heart

      • Sarah Dinkel

        Tom I like this boy Austin hes adorable i need help getting him to like me

  9. JasmineandJennifer

    We love you Tom!
    We wanted to know- how fun is it to be a news reporter?
    P.S. Jennifer thinks you are cute!

  10. Anthony

    I love your website but I was wondering if you guys could do a sports category once in a while! Thanks

  11. alontae

    heyy tom how are u i just wanted to know if u guys can come to imagin caly ave comminty school in toledo ohio on hores street plz we would like u to come to are school plzzzzzzzz plzzzz plzzzz plzzzz plzzzz plz

  12. Britnay

    I love you Tom!!
    What is it like working at channel one? & how old do you have to be to sign up to work there.

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