Behind the Scenes Video: Funny Bloopers and Outtakes

By Tonka Dobreva 04.19.2017 interact

Watch funny bloopers and outtakes from Keith and Ronnie’s trip to Australia.

If you loved our Great Barrier Reef series and your class or your school is interested in learning more about coral reef ecology, parasites and the effects of climate change, Paul Sikkel, the marine researcher we interviewed for our series, is available to host Q and A sessions with students. For details, you can contact him at


  1. Arelis

    I love channel one news it’s sooo LIT!!! *-*

  2. Brayden

    That sucked it was like 3 minutes long but I LOVE the show!!!!

  3. tony


  4. Gregory

    Ermagrd. In the first 2 minutes there were barely any bloopers.

  5. SKips

    dat laugh do

  6. Chloe


  7. Jecoiya

    Did u have fun and did u see any sharks

    • Joseph

      Yes I see a sharks

  8. Frankie Raybon

    You guys should make more video’s like this!!!!!

  9. Danielle

    This is SOOOO fun OMG

    • Frankie Raybon

      this is very they should make more video’s like this

    • caleb

      I know right.☺

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