Auto Mechanic

By Tonka Dobreva 11.08.2015 interact


If you love cars and speed, but are also tech-savvy and super curious about how stuff works, then read on as we may just have the occupation for you!

automechanicAuto technicians and mechanics are the professionals who inspect, maintain and repair cars and light trucks. The majority of auto mechanics work for private companies, such as automotive repair shops and car dealerships, and some are entrepreneurs that have their own repair shops. Also, snagging a job shouldn’t be a problem — as the US Bureau of Labor Statistics projects, employment opportunities for auto mechanics are expected to grow by 9 percent between now and the year 2022.

To learn more about what auto mechanics do and how you can become one, check out  the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.


  1. Katie

    I think it is good for people to have auto mechanics because if cars break down they can fix them.

  2. Kevin

    I would like to get my dirty hand on the cars and be a Auto Mechanic.

  3. Andrew

    I think this will be a fun job for people who like to get there hands dirty and is good with cars and stuff like. That

  4. Kc shehan

    it is so cool OMGits so cool you work there I try to fix it

  5. Lisa Kingston

    its no safe for young people


  6. Lisa Kingston

    No. because some students can get hurt or hurt someone else

  7. Dakota

    I would want to be a mechanic on gocarts.

  8. DJ

    this is a awesome idea

  9. Josh Shuck

    Wow. This is a really cool job I want to do it when I grow up. Especially the in Rhode Island, New York!

  10. Jonathan Ventura


  11. blaw

    i think everyone should buy jeps and enjoy life

  12. Kimberley Allen

    My dream job is to be an Auto Mechanic. That is why I want to go to Auto school and be just like my grandpa an Auto Mechanic.

  13. jossel

    i think the mechanic is very nice work

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