Awesome ’80s Music

By ch1c0nta@ctus 07.15.2009 interact

By Sean Doorly

For some, the ’80s conjure up images of Rubik’s Cube, acid-washed jeans, Members Only jackets and Cabbage Patch Kids. For others, it’s all about the music– from icons like Madonna and Springsteen to hair bands like Poison and Motley Crue.

So slip on those parachute pants, straighten that skinny tie and spray your hair with Aqua Net, it’s time to test your mastery of ’80s music with our quiz.

80's Music

How much do you know about Duran Duran, Pat Benetar, and Debbie Gibson? whitesnake-m.jpg


  1. Annabelle rowland

    20/20 not bad for an eleven year old(even though my mom listens to 80’s music all the time)

  2. just want to have fun

    Not bad for this 11 year old because I know nothing about this I got 20 out of 20

  3. just want to have fun

    I did great 20 out of 20 not bad for this 11 year old who knows nothing about wich is so true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Emily

    20/20 not bad for a fifteen-year-old

    • just want to have fun

      I am only 11 and i got 20 out of 20

  5. Kristopher Hines

    I love you guys are doing well and good luck with thatbore

  6. Beu4ever

    I got 19/20!!! I just love this music, its the best!!!!;D

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