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By Jamie Hall 03.11.2015 interact

During the past school year, a many of you sent in videos to Channel One, whether it was to wish us a happy 25th anniversary or show how you made an impact for the holidays. We loved them so much, that we’re asking for more that feature the following themes:


Have you or your school been working to make an impact on your community or in the world? Or you are taking some time this summer break to be involved in a cause that is making a difference? We’re looking for videos of you giving back, whether it’s starting a canned foods drive or raising money to save endangered species.

Student Journalism

Are you a student journalist or a writer for your school newspaper? Does your school have its own news studio? Well, the Channel One news team would love to see what stories you’ve been working on and possibly feature them on the show.

To submit to any of the above categories, record a video on your mobile device or camera and upload it to YouTube. Once it’s up, send the link to It’s that easy, and you just might see your face on the show.

The team can’t wait to see what you come up with!






  1. matt

    channel one is the best news show in the world!!!!!!¦›

  2. Anna Campbell

    Hay what are you doing right now today

  3. Drimlock81

    We learn more from Channel ones because they show real news!

    • Sara


  4. Sam Cazares

    Story idea…We have a group of students that did a community project to help US Veterans and future US Veterans….great story.

  5. Angel Puckett

    We love Ch 1!

  6. Bailey Jolin

    I love Channel One because it gives me information about whats going on throughout the world. Without Channel One i wouldn’t have known about refugees. Now that i have heard about them from Channel One i want to help them. Thank You! I love you guys! 🙂

  7. The Great Papyrus

    Channel One always makes my day. Nyeh heh heh!

    • Sans

      Nice name PAPYRUS I love undertale but yeah I also looooooooooove Channel one news

  8. Devin Albright Jansen

    Thanks for being here CH1 Your the best you give us education facts in a fun way

  9. Carlee longhurst

    I love channel 1 news I watch it ever day in my class at vineyard yard elementary I also sent a video of me and my friend for the intro of the channel 1 starts now!!!!!

  10. Jackie

    Channel One ROCKS!!!!

  11. rose washington

    i think channel one is really great because it fun to watch and its better than normal news.

  12. alishia kadjia mack

    is donald trumps is staying in the white house forever?

    • riley guzicki

      only for one year

    • terry

      no he cant he can only serve a term of 4 years unles he dies or he get voted for presedent twce then he serves a term of 8 years

    • xXDeluxWarriorXx

      No. Trump is only living in the white house temporarily. Once he finishes president, he leaves the white house, back to his home.

  13. symantha

    channel one is the best and I wish I could be in channel one news.

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