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By Jamie Hall 03.11.2015 interact > School
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During the past school year, a many of you sent in videos to Channel One, whether it was to wish us a happy 25th anniversary or show how you made an impact for the holidays. We loved them so much, that we’re asking for more that feature the following themes:


Have you or your school been working to make an impact on your community or in the world? Or you are taking some time this summer break to be involved in a cause that is making a difference? We’re looking for videos of you giving back, whether it’s starting a canned foods drive or raising money to save endangered species.

Student Journalism

Are you a student journalist or a writer for your school newspaper? Does your school have its own news studio? Well, the Channel One news team would love to see what stories you’ve been working on and possibly feature them on the show.

To submit to any of the above categories, record a video on your mobile device or camera and upload it to YouTube. Once it’s up, send the link to It’s that easy, and you just might see your face on the show.

The team can’t wait to see what you come up with!






  1. connie Hollomond

    I look forward to watching channel 1 news at school. Is a good source of news and current events going on around the world.I love channel one news and its delightful cast.

  2. Alycia

    channel one rocks.

  3. Benjamin

    Love u channel one

  4. Nory

    Channel one Rocks!

  5. Emersyn

    I love you so much I watch you every day

  6. Amahni stiff-perry

    you guys on channel one news rock see later!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Amahni stiff-perry

    Im a huge fan of channel one news but i wish i was older to be on the show of channel one news im only 11 years old and if you want to know about me go on gmail facebook instagram hope you guys know what im talking about bye

  8. Nicole bellah

    I believe phone should not be banned do to the fact that many things worldwide could happen so schools should allow students to bring in there smart phones.

  9. darby davis

    I think that phones should not be banned just in case of emegancy

  10. Alexandra

    I think phones should be banned!!! They are a major distraction in all of my classes!! Disrupts the learning process!!!!

  11. Alexandra

    I think phones should be banned!!! They are a major distraction in all of my classes!!!

  12. Dae

    I believe that students should be able to bring phones to school. Sometimes you won’t have enough researching resources like a cocomputer, so you could use your phone

    • Dae


  13. Bret D.

    No i dont think cell phones should be banned because listening to music and if u had an emergency.

  14. Makenna

    I think phones should not be banned because kids could receive very important calls.

  15. Brianna

    I don’t think phones should be banned because if something happens to the schools phones no one would be able to contact any one. BYE BYE!!

  16. Caity Schaefer

    i don’t think smartphones should be banned at school because students might need to text and call their parents just in case of emergency.

  17. Caity Schaefer

    i don’t think smartphones should be banned because students might need them to contact parents in case of emergency

  18. Raven

    The reason why I think phones shouldn’t be taken away because they can be helpful to the work and with out phones kids wouldn’t be able to take it with out it and what if there was an amergency like they need it too call their parents

  19. Kaidence Van Note

    Hey I am Kaidence Van Note from Ridgeview jr high school Channel News is amazing!!! I look forward to watching you guys everyday #yourock

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