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By Tonka Dobreva 03.11.2015 interact

During the past school year, a many of you sent in videos to Channel One, whether it was to wish us a happy 25th anniversary or show how you made an impact for the holidays. We loved them so much, that we’re asking for more that feature the following themes:


Have you or your school been working to make an impact on your community or in the world? Or you are taking some time this summer break to be involved in a cause that is making a difference? We’re looking for videos of you giving back, whether it’s starting a canned foods drive or raising money to save endangered species.

Student Journalism

Are you a student journalist or a writer for your school newspaper? Does your school have its own news studio? Well, the Channel One news team would love to see what stories you’ve been working on and possibly feature them on the show.

To submit to any of the above categories, record a video on your mobile device or camera and upload it to YouTube. Once it’s up, send the link to It’s that easy, and you just might see your face on the show.

The team can’t wait to see what you come up with!






  1. Danger Falls

    Please do a shout out to our teacher Mrs.Day. She is really nice and can you also do a shout out to our class. We raised over 600$ in a week and a half.

  2. Delaney Newman

    Please give a big shout out to Mr.Ferrel! He is a really nice teacher and I thank him for letting us watch Channel One News everyday!

  3. Rayne Gibson

    i LOVE Channel One

    • Jocelyn Jones


  4. Michelle Ward

    Channel one news is better than the TV new.

  5. Caleb Estes

    I love channel one news

    • Michelle Ward

      I love channel one news as well.

  6. Paisley brokus

    I love channel one news

  7. Rea Calabris

    Chanel 1 news is the best!.We watch it everyday in school.i think it has interesting stories and I love to hear about Irma and Harvey and how people are helping.Keep it up

    • Paisley brokus

      You guys are the best people ever you help me learn new things every day

  8. Eli Gonzalez

    My 6th grade reading class from Dr. Armando Cuellar Middle School, would like to thank you for casting their Next Big Thing video on today’s news reports. They were very excited, as was the entire campus, so thank you! Great job Channel One News!!!

  9. Ciara

    I give a big shout out to Mrs.Whittington

  10. Denise

    I think LED bike lights are the best

  11. Diana Garcia

    love channel one news.

  12. Cody Deschepper

    I think 4D movies should be the next big thing Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  13. Kevin Cervantes

    I think that 4d theaters are the next big thing. Many people like the idea of having the full experience. I would enjoy watching movies in 4d as well. And also, Hi Mrs. Fountain!!

    • Elliot Atchison

      I think 4d theaters are the next big thing. I’ve been two before and they thrill me.

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