Behind the Scenes: The Situation Room

By Tonka Dobreva 10.10.2017 interact

Arielle takes you behind the scenes on the set of The Situation Room, where students were put to the test in a White House setting.



  1. Beckett Duty

    that’s mean we are not nerds

  2. DeaconRawson

    dude really why are there so many haters keep rocking channel one youre the best and tuckbeast is just rude

  3. hope

    are they actual governs or is that fake cause´ that looked pretty cool lol


    -_- -_-I LOVED Behind the Scenes OF YOURS..-_- -_-

  5. Kenny Roberts

    I like the channel one it is great so keep it up

  6. Bush G

    it looks cool

  7. cedric leblanc

    i think it will be really cool to go in there some day

    • Keturah

      I would love to too I love everything government

  8. javier

    i think thats its cool i want to go next

  9. Tyler


  10. Harmonie

    I want to go so bad but i can not

  11. Lauren Mcvoy

    I would so like to go in the situation room but I am only 11 still just a little girl

  12. Madelynn Dixon


  13. Jason Hamill

    it teaches us how to learn without books and devolpe social skills

  14. Jason Hamill

    Yes, because its a real life situation where it teaches teens how to solve problems and maybe they can get a job doing that.
    – Jason Hamill

  15. Minneapolis Junior-Senior High School

    Sounds like fun! Provides the opportunity for hands on learning instead of reading it from a book!

  16. Karly Upton

    This so cool! I want to do that someday!

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