Behind the Scenes: The Situation Room

By Tonka Dobreva 10.10.2017 interact

Arielle takes you behind the scenes on the set of The Situation Room, where students were put to the test in a White House setting.



  1. Kenny Roberts

    I like the channel one it is great so keep it up

  2. Bush G

    it looks cool

  3. cedric leblanc

    i think it will be really cool to go in there some day

    • Keturah

      I would love to too I love everything government

  4. javier

    i think thats its cool i want to go next

  5. Tyler


  6. Harmonie

    I want to go so bad but i can not

  7. tuckbeast

    I think you all are nerds

  8. Lauren Mcvoy

    I would so like to go in the situation room but I am only 11 still just a little girl

  9. Madelynn Dixon


  10. Jason Hamill

    it teaches us how to learn without books and devolpe social skills

  11. Jason Hamill

    Yes, because its a real life situation where it teaches teens how to solve problems and maybe they can get a job doing that.
    – Jason Hamill

  12. Minneapolis Junior-Senior High School

    Sounds like fun! Provides the opportunity for hands on learning instead of reading it from a book!

  13. Karly Upton

    This so cool! I want to do that someday!

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