Behind the Scenes Video: Arielle Goes Pro on the Quidditch Field

By Tonka Dobreva 05.10.2017 interact

Our very own Arielle Hixson tried her hand at Quidditch¬†— watch to find out how she did!


  1. Skylar

    I think k it’s a HURRICANE like game HURRICANE as in a very wild game it’s a competitive game your gonna get hurt

  2. austin

    i believe this game will make a big conflict to either allow kids to play or not.

  3. Mikaela

    That sport could be played at any school

  4. Donny

    I thought that Quidditch was just a game in Harry Potter, but now I just learned something new!

  5. Peyton

    GO Arielle You Rock!

  6. mikkel

    I think that would be a fun sport too play.

  7. carter bistodeau

    that dose look fun

  8. camren

    that was awesome

  9. Queen Carlena

    This is so cool

  10. Taylor

    I loved this episode!! but can you do one on yorkshire terriers, I have one and I love him dearly!!??

    • austin

      i second that do one of the dogs sides like puppy mills

  11. terry

    that is fun, i like it can i play

  12. terry

    hahahahaha. that is fun

  13. reginale


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