Behind the Scenes Video: Bath Fizzers Put to the Test

By Tonka Dobreva 12.11.2017 interact

Teen sisterpreneurs Isabel and Caroline Bercaw stopped by the Channel One News studio. Watch what happened when we put their bath fizzers to the test.


  1. Erika

    i think this is a fun thing to open up after a nice bath:)

  2. Jessie

    I think that’s cool, but you never know what’s they are made of. It could be harmful to your skin.

  3. Jazlynne

    I saw those at the store but I didn’t buy them but next time I go I am going to buy some

  4. sarah

    super cool i just got one and i can’t wait to try it.

  5. keymari jovine nelson

    i love the surprises

  6. Chantel freeman

    That is so cool i wish i could have one :-))

  7. Anna

    No, this not such a good thing because it is chemical guys it might harmful and dangerous to you

  8. Jazzy

    Cool stuff!

  9. Avery Wolff

    Yes give me a fizz because they are fun to see them change the water color and they are soooooo relaxing

  10. Cristina Herrera


  11. noel

    so cool!!!I wish i had one!

  12. Aylah Calais

    I think bath fizzers should go viro.

  13. Zoey

    I love to buy one of those bath fizzers i the future.

  14. Will Linton

    This is and awesome idea

  15. Taylor O

    I really like the Idea of the bath fizzer they look very interesting, especially since you get a prize in everyone.

  16. chloe c

    that’s really alsome I wany some you two are amazing.

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