Behind the Scenes Video: Channel One Soap Opera

By Tonka Dobreva 03.19.2018 interact

Channel One reporters Keith Kocinski and Azia Celestino reenacted one of their news story intros, adding a dramatic effect to it. Watch and tell us what you think — did they do a good job or they should stick to their original newsroom style.

Soap Opera Version


Original Version


  1. Loren

    On channel one news can you tell that my teacher is amazing miss Glenn and my name is Loren

  2. Brandon Hall

    That was funny and weird! 🙂

  3. Kaihla

    Hi i am really into your show

  4. Kaydance

    I like your show keep doing what you doing because you are doing a grate job

  5. QUA-QUA

    Th soap opera was very dramatic I LOVE IT

    • devon

      i love the show with the opra

  6. Evan From Lancaster PA

    OMG YOU GUYS WERE BORN ACTORS. Keith i actually thought you hit her. that was cute Good Job to The Two Best Reporters evah

  7. sarina

    you guys are very funny , also one question have you guys tried the do not laugh challenge?

  8. Aleida Bernat

    Lol #kaiza Keith and Azia

  9. Arielle

    This was so funny❤️❤️

    • Amari'yaeh

      this is so funny

  10. makayla


  11. jdya

    this video is very funny watched it on repeat bravo bravo

  12. Emma

    I think they should just stick to being reporters

  13. Nicholas Mendelsohn

    That was funny!

  14. Mikayla

    Hey you guys are awesome

  15. Christian m

    You guys should make more soap operas that was really cool and funny and different
    Your both good actors please make more

  16. Dylan

    Keep the soap opera!

  17. Karla

    that was awesome

  18. Karla

    that was cool

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