Behind the Scenes Video: See Keith and Ronnie’s Encounter with This ‘Deadly’ Australian Creature

By Tonka Dobreva 04.18.2017 interact

From lizards to spiders — and one scary and ‘deadly’ creature — watch as Ronnie and Keith recall some of their skin-crawling experiences in Australia.


  1. Christopher Morfin amjh

    my whole school watches this as a everyday job-_- =o

  2. mathew

    Hi i love channel one i dont know if you know this but my whole school whatches youevry morning

    • Skips


  3. rebekah

    Just saying channel 1 news big fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and that was a close call Ronnie close call really close.

  4. Noah giss

    I love snorkling. I went to Australia and saw those lizard and lionfish

  5. Shelby

    My grandpa stepped on one of those and died.

  6. Dominick W

    Omg. Was Ronnie freaking out about that after he knew what it was?

  7. frankie raybon

    very close man good looking.

  8. lauren

    I thought cone snails were just regular snails but until I saw the video I was like wow those snails are poisonous.

  9. Madeleinne


  10. Natalie B.

    I thought this video was soooooo funny. I almost fell out of my chair because it was so hilarious!

  11. frankie medina

    you like jazzz???

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