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Calling all science fanatics! Biochemists needed. Must love lasers, microscopes and high tech machines.

What does a biochemist do, exactly? Well, that depends on the area of specialization and type of laboratory they work in. But in general, biochemists study the chemistry and processes of living organisms such as bacteria, plants, animals and humans. They conduct experiments in order to address real world problems such as preventing and treating disease, or environmental issues such as determining safe, effective farming methods.

biochemistThe Bureau of Labor Statistics projects the job outlook for a biochemist should grow by about 8 percent through 2024, and it can be lucrative if you’re willing to put in the hard work. Annual salaries range from $44,220 to $149,130, but biochemists with bachelor’s and master’s degrees are considered entry level. High paid, influential leaders in the field do a deep dive into cells, proteins, molecules and much more over many years while earning their PhDs.

To learn more about biochemists and how you can become one, check out the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.


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    i love this we watch it everyday in class, heir force community school, lima ohio

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    I think it would be a good job and you would earn a lot of money from this job.It would also help people earn money for there families.

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    I think this job is very helpful and fun for people. Who knew so much could go to makeup.

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    I think this job is really cool because you can help people!

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    Be in more science classes and have learned about biology

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    I lvoe this article!! Makeup makes every girl beautiful.

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    I really like to go into this field because I love helping the world I’ve tried once creating something for your skin but I failed 🙁

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      I think it’s good that they help people with them and make them even beutifuller than they are. So i hope every girl should get a chance to have makeup to wear.

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