Fun Brain Teasers

By Tonka Dobreva 01.19.2017 interact

Test your wit and logic with these nine fun brain teasers. You can brag about how well you did in the comments section below.

Brain Teasers

Test your brain fitness with these brain teasers.


  1. Peer Assistance and Review


  2. james


  3. bonnie


  4. aiden

    piece of cake

  5. trump

    so easy

  6. Michael

    i failed…horribaly

  7. Alexis

    I failed the first time I got three right, but the second time I got 100%!!

  8. Sam


  9. Tray

    I totally passed this I got them all right seriously

  10. Komasan

    I’m awesome at this! It’s easy!

  11. katrina

    I killed it hahahahah!


    i killed it i got everyone right jk i only got one right.

    • Anonymous

      *Every one* not Everyone@DELASIA RISER

  13. Avani

    I totally rocked it

  14. kash

    i did good

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