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By Tonka Dobreva 04.20.2017 interact

As part of National Poetry Month, we asked our viewers to submit original short poems — and the response was overwhelming! We received so many great original works, and we had a really hard time choosing the best. But after much thought and consideration, our reporters chose their favorites — you can read them below.

And we included some of the rest top contenders — did yours make the cut?

Azia’s favorite

The Wolf

by Alicia from Colorado


Wild and Free
I commemorate to those
Not as lucky as me.

The wind in my fur
The moon lighting my way
I come to a cliff and lift my head
And I howl,
And one by one others join
Until we are a chorus
Of sad,
remorseful cries
Honoring those who have died
At the cruel hands of fate, evil, and time,
Not being able to sing another note
I sprint through the trees
Lucky to be me,
For I am speed
I am fight
I am fury
I am Night.

I am the Wolf.

Arielle’s Favorite

Shine Like Stars

by Madeline from Tennessee


She told me I was special
I could change the world with one glance.
But every day I doubted
If I could do this dance.

My mother told me to sing with sun and moon
Stay strong and light the world
Harder and harder I tried
Hoping I would soon.

Grace does not come easy
It takes strength and practice
The thought of doing this makes me queasy
But I love it just the same

I painted the room with beauty
Everything vibrantly colored
Faces lit up as they saw me
I shone like the stars

Keith’s favorite

I am From

by Ashton from Texas


I am from many dreams
Of both reality and that of a different life
I am from army schools, many friends, and many enemies
All lost by time for the possibility of the better
I am from a family of five
From army men on the floor
And dreams galore
And even from the thought of being in the Marine Corps
To just wanting to be with my family more
I am from many stalls
But after all everyone falls
I am from Schertz TX
I am from my dreams in grasp, to failures due to my behath
All of these things have affected my path
MMA is even part of this aftermath
Maby I will be a Marine one day
I mean that’s what my history would say
That’s all I pray, just to be shaped into a Marine to go and fight all the bad away
So thank you to everyone who has helped form me into who I am today

Emily’s favorite


by Lily from Minnesota


A blanket is a home
To the little girl hiding inside,
Holding a flashlight to see
Her hopes and dreams ahead.
But, what she doesn’t see,
Is the rest of the world out there.
Nothing to believe in.
Someday that little girl will change the world.

Tom’s Favorite


by Kiwi


a cloud of darkness
like a tide
flows over the sky
motive to hide

never again
the sea blue sky
lost once again
to the melancholy night

Demetrius’ Favorite

The Open Eye

by Elizabeth


Dear Human Race,
slow down your pace.
You need to take a look at this,
for your life is truly not bliss.

You have rockets, cars, and impressive feats.
However, you’ve left some behind.
For while some of you are extremely successful,
others are left to die.

You fight, and kill, and hurt each other.
Why would you do such a thing?
You’ve harmed each other, physically and emotionally,
Just watching makes my heart sting.

So please realize, whatever the conflict.
The ones you hurt are people, too.
They have partners, friends, and families,
and are just as scared as you.

Other CH1 Favorites



From Sofia in Texas

i am restless
can you tell that i am falling apart?
i want to get away,
but my eyes and legs are heavy
is the coast clear?
i am going away
keep yourself safe
away from me

can you tell that i am falling apart?
i am staying one more day
i will collapse into myself
but i will not go away
i apologize for falling apart
but i will not fall away.


From Skylar in Maryland

It’s not fair, It’s not fair,
Girls are more than just nice clothes and nice hair.
Why can only “the guys” play such a sport,
While us girls sit on the sidelines with pom poms and an annoying cheer skirt.
I just don’t understand,
Why can’t girls play, and
They say it’s because I’ll get killed on that field,
Like that”ll make me want to yield.
I know I’m not exactly a pro,
But that doesn’t mean I can’t throw.
Just look at that spiral,
And the crowd goes wild!
I don’t even care if their are 2 teams,
1 for the boys and 1 for my girlfriends and me.
Now I know this sounds kind of far-fetched
But it’s better then sitting on that uncomfortable bench.
Football, football
What an amazing sport,
Too bad I’ll never play,
Oh well, I’ll stay at the games for moral support.


From Santana in Arizona

As you age
It’s like
Turning the page
to the next chapter
In the book of life
Some people rage
To grow old with age
Others, happy to have a
Full life
Now, flip the page
To the next chapter in
And see what lies ahead
Enjoy the book until
The final page is read

Tears are a Silver Storm

From Spencer

Tears are a silver storm
Being concocted in your eyes
Triggered by emotions
Emotions like happiness, sadness
or even anger

You feel them coming down your face
Retreating to your quiet little corner
Where no one can see those silver dots

Streaming down your face
Where no one can hear your sobs
that soon come after tears
drip, drop on the ground
Silent until you are found

From Sofia in Florida

The rain falls calmly
on the sunflower field
summer is here!

A mother’s first young
protected in her strong arms
a future awaits

The lilies open
slowly in the soft spring heat
what a sight!

A mother cries
holding her son close to her
father lost in war

Dinner feels strange
one empty chair stands out
mother burnt the food

Fall comes back around
the family wears all black
“Hero and Father”

The son lays flowers
Father’s Day is here again
he can see his smile

Mother and son
pick up the flowers slowly
they smile to each other


  1. Seth

    Ascend the staircase and you will find something lurking from behind
    Try to run try to hide
    Amongst this labyrinth of no end in sight
    Round a dark corridor to your surprise
    The darkest of fear looks into your eyes
    Beyond her cold cold stare lies an ever slight flicker
    That flame is extinguished and the darkness grows thicker
    No one to hear you scream nobody to care
    Strangulation suffocation the life slips from you and conciousness subdues
    Beginning of the end by the ghost of a friend
    You roam the house together now no feet to touch the floor
    You’ll never be lonely not anymore

  2. Jaidan James

    Middle School Tears

    You could see the tears in her eyes
    Everyone else thinks it is nothing
    but she thinks it is everything
    Nobody really cares
    But to her, it is all so unfair
    Everybody thinks she should be tougher
    but secretly all she does is suffer
    The tears explained all,
    just like how she thought she might fall
    Everyday she tried to think of why
    but that just made her cry
    For fears brought tears.

  3. Grace Diaz


    When I have a warm bed to sleep in
    I call that fate

    When I have food on my plate
    I call that luck

    But when I have arms that can hold me
    I call that love

  4. Templa

    Here is my poem called So Sad When Your Friendship Ends. It relates to me and my two friends:

    You have a friend that must leave school.
    You tell her that she’s your best friend too.
    You go to her house, have a few play overs,
    But soon all that will end.
    You’re now in 6th grade, both at the same school.
    You know that and she knows that too.
    You try to still be friends, but she has other friends too,
    And soon you know that she abandoned you.
    Soon you have a new friend but then she says too you,
    Come on let’s get more friends! But you don’t want too.
    Then your friend, your old friend, and you,
    Have fun together and you think you’ll never be blue.
    Then later in the year, they bond together leaving you in the dust.
    And soon you’re once again blue.
    It’s so sad when your friendships end.

  5. ashanalee smith

    I hide under my covers , a child in distress, no one will help me , petrified , of once a wonderful country so beautiful , brave and bold , a sign of tranquility,and honesty , Now filled with lies greed and diversity no one will help, i cant do this on my own , oh wait to late they tearing things apart QUICK! someone come and save me before they drag me from my covers like they have already done to my brothers sister and mother , trying to contain myself trying to hold it in , but i could not escape it , i had to let them in

  6. Jordan


    America is the place to be free, peaceful, happy
    But we don’t let people in our country when they really need to be
    Unlike you and me there escaping war they’re not free
    We are people of America with diferent races, genders, and religions
    Why can’t we have more?
    Can we be a different religion?
    Can we be a different race?
    Can we be different genders?
    Can we be from another country?
    We the people
    Why don’t we follow that?
    Think about putting yourself in their shoes
    Their countries are suffering and need help
    America is safe
    America is the place to be free, peaceful, happy

  7. Alanna

    This must be a dream…
    It is quiet,
    Yet no birds,
    Here’s no more,
    Nor sun yet,
    Until 2 days,
    Yay birds chirping,
    But where is dad,
    Where are my two brothers,
    Where is my mom,
    This must be a dream,
    Yes it is,
    Where at Disneyland,
    All of us!

  8. Avery Holman

    Born and Raised

    I am from horses,
    from Moose and chihuahua.
    I am from fish-fries
    and classic country.
    From Cory and Jenn,
    from Big-mom and Big-ba.
    I am from I love you’s and stop it’s.
    I am from prayer and coffee mornings,
    and far off dreams of vet school.
    I am from Kentucky. (GO BIG BLUE!)

  9. megan mcnally

    Megan M, Indianapolis


    Dreams run,
    for the fun.
    Always smile,
    for a while.
    Don’t you cry,
    Don’t ask why,
    flowers grow,
    or water will flow,
    Soon these dreams will have to go,
    Just listen here and let it glow
    Let me give u some advice,
    Just go with the flow
    That’s the end of my dream
    The very end of the beam.

    -Megan M, 🙂

  10. max baker

    my frends
    im happy so my frends
    we have fun

  11. max baker

    like the flower
    my frend are happy
    so im to

  12. Jaiden Clenney

    Just A Dream

    I was thinking bout you, thinkin’ bout me
    Thinkin’ bout us, what we gon’ be
    Open my eyes, it was only Just A Dream
    So I traveled back, down that road
    Will you come back, no one knows
    I realize, it was only Just A Dream

  13. John Doe

    Harambe, he enjoyed his life,
    had nothing much to do.
    He sat around and ate all day
    in the Cincinnati Zoo.

    Born in Texas in ninety-nine,
    to Ohio then he went.
    He only lived there sixteen months,
    before his life was spent.

    He was a massive silver back,
    largest gorillas known.
    He led and supervised his troop
    like a king upon a throne.

    Was destined to become a dad
    when he had grown some more.
    Mara and Chewie were his girls;
    both of them he did adore.

    One day there was a little boy,
    who tried to get quite near.
    He fell into Harambe’s cage
    and the folks began to fear.

    He tried to save the boy that day.
    Confused with all the din,
    perhaps he was somewhat too rough
    and thought that the boy was kin.

    That little boy was standing there
    when they shot Harambe dead.
    He knew not what was happening,
    he was not feeling dread.

    The moral of this sad, sad tale
    is don’t get in a cage,
    neither man nor ‘savage’ beast,
    you’ll both feel mankind’s rage.

  14. Sam Burdick

    The wings on her back
    Were breaking under the pressure
    ‘Your not pretty enough’ she hears
    ‘You should eat something’ she ignores
    ‘You’ll never be good enough’ she abides
    She sits in her room
    She cuts the hurt from her body and bleeds the ruby red blood of agony
    She cuts the hatred away from her body
    But not as satisfying as the image of purity
    She strives to be the best that she could be
    She covers her pain like her broken wings
    Pretending everything is ok

    • Grace Diaz

      omg Sam Burdick. that poem was so deep. I wish I could write like that

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