Citizen Scientists: How Students Can Get Involved

By Abbey Tiderman 05.16.2018 interact

Ever dream of uncovering mysteries of the universe? Solving real world problems with science? As a NASA Citizen Scientist, you can! And there’s no need to wait until you have your college degree in hand either. There are a variety of citizen science projects you can help out with today.

The Citizen Scientist program invites students to get involved in any areas that interest them. Fascinated by weather? As a “Rover” you can observe and collect data about clouds, which helps scientists assess satellite data. Does the idea of discovering a new planet excite you? Scour telescope data for signs of brown dwarfs and planet nine. You can even scan infrared data to help scientists map the Milky Way or use air quality sensors to measure particle concentrations in your neighborhood. While each program has its own set of objectives, ways to join and participation guidelines, the impact you can have is significant. Browse Citizen Scientist opportunities and learn more here, or sign up to receive NASA-SOLVE alerts.

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