Classroom Personality Test

By ch1c0nta@ctus 09.08.2016 interact

Where you sit the classroom sheds light on your personality. To find out more, just check out our seating analyzer, click on your seat and see what it says.


  1. Rose

    I like to sit in the back of the classroom cause I like being alone by mysel,plus,I think it’s more quiet in the back of the room

  2. Nathanael Lopez

    I all ways like sitting near the front of the classroom

  3. karria w

    Responsive learners are awesome just like me.

  4. leon miles

    guess im a rebel 😉

    • cody

      I’m a rebel

  5. Brian Durham

    looks like im an sesponsive learner

  6. Kylie

    I guess I am a Reserved learner because I sit on the side

  7. Banana liker

    Doesn’t work and I hate school

  8. Arianna T.

    hi my school watch channel one news all the time i love it but i think you should get a new ad to play during breaks love always kiss kiss bye see you tomorrow channel one news!!!!!!!!!!

  9. meghan

    loaded for me

  10. alexis c.

    i love school and almost all the teachers, my friends say i’m a nerd because i love books and do EVERYTHING the teacher says.

    • Sierra

      Me 2 I l love school and having a education

  11. wll

    it doesn’t really matter to me

    • dajainae

      Yall the best class

  12. SDixon

    I think that kids dont want to answer when they are in the back row so they dont have to do the work up front.

  13. lovewolf

    what does this mean i dont like to be with people hu i love to be with people its ronge so roung

  14. starismyname

    what’s suppose to happen?

    • Tiera123

      Right nothing is happening

  15. Athena

    Why wouldn’t it load

  16. Akaya

    I think more people answer in the back.

    • shelbie

      i sit in the back of the room back i hate to be at school and i don’t like people

      • Rose

        I agree,I don’t really like others a lot,hope no one gets offended by this comment

  17. sam

    i think when kids sit in class it is good personality

  18. Joel

    Why wouldn’t it let me play.

  19. faith

    worked for me. 🙂

  20. heaven

    It would never load

    • Strong McWilliams' Class

      Ya it wouldn’t load

    • GirlsBasketballRocks

      For me too 🙁

      • Rilee

        Me either

        • Grace

          It loaded for me right away.

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