Impact: Clean Up Your Act!

Posted on: 10.05.2014 in interact

Do you ever wonder if you’re doing enough to protect Mother Earth? Maybe you recycle your soda cans or be more energy efficient — but there are still so many more ways you can contribute to the cause. Click on the links below for information and to find out how to get involved.

General Environmental Concerns

Guide to Environmental Issues
Basic information on environmental topics, including a glossary of 200 terms.

Earth Science Enterprise
Learn how NASA studies the Earth’s air, water and weather patterns.


Get information about air pollution in your community and how it can affect your health.

Clear Skies Initiative
In February 2002, President Bush announced the Clear Skies Initiative, an aggressive improvement to the Clean Air Act. Find out all about it.

Ozone Depletion
Links to information on ozone depletion.

Waste and Recycling

Recycle City Game
A game that shows you ways a community can reduce, reuse and recycle.

In Your Neighborhood
Type in your zip code and get specific environmental information about your neighborhood.


Adopt Your Watershed
Find out what groups in your area are doing to protect watersheds and how you can help out.

America’s Wetlands
Information about wetlands, their significance, how they’re threatened and what is being done to conserve them.

Conservation of Marine Mammals and Endangered Species
Find out what the National Marine Fisheries Service is doing to protect animals that live in the water.


Infographic - Together We can Make a Difference



  1. Charissa Shi

    We should recycle more so we can have a better environment in the future.

  2. Rachel

    even sometimes i have to remind my teacher to recycle and i think that more people should recycle

  3. Ashlyn

    It makes me so mad to think that people still aren’t trying to help the environment it has gotten bad enough , IF the government really wanted to help with pollution and waste they would have years ago before it is this bad !!

  4. Elspeth W

    The Earth is going to turn into a lava ball if we don’t do something. I think we should not use cars or anything that involves fossil fuels.

  5. Jonathan

    I think we should clean our world because it is where we live if our world dies where else will we live this is and our only world we have so we should take care of it so nothing bad happens.

  6. Jose

    I think we should start cleaning before we all get sick and get a diesease

  7. Sydney Starr

    This planet is trashed enough as it is. If we add any more trash it would start to pollute the seas and the land more than it is. My school has a recycling program. And my six year old sister is worried about recycling. Because of her we have started to recycle on our own house, which would have never thought of doing. So it would help if the whole world would recycle. And special thanks to my school for having the right thought on recycling.

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