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By Tonka Dobreva 12.04.2014 interact

Take a look around you, wherever you are. Chances are, something you just looked at was made with code or uses something that was made with code. Yep — your phone, laptop, tablet and even some of your clothes may have been made with code.

Not all schools offer courses in coding and computer science, but luckily, there are countless free resources out there to help you learn any coding language, whether its Python, CSS or JavaScript. We’ve put together a list of some of the best ones we found for beginners, but as always, definitely leave your suggestions in the comments!

Mozilla’s Appmaker

appmakerIf you’re just getting started with figuring out what code even does, Mozilla’s Appmaker is perfect for you. It’s a fun interactive where you can build your very own app, which you can eventually download and share with friends! Add a chatroom, a camera, YouTube player and much more. There’s no actual coding, but it’s a great place to get an idea of how good apps are made.


Made With Code

Created by Google as a way to get more girls involved in computer science, Made With Code is a country-wide projectmadewithcode that hosts workshops designed to remove the fear from coding and get more girls and women into technology. They have lots of projects on their website, including one where you can add Christmas lights to a fake tree using their Blockly coding language.


Code Studio

codeblockMany schools don’t start teaching computer science skills until high school, if ever. Code Studio is designed for coders of all ages, from kindergarden right up to adulthood. Their block-based style of learning is combined with fun games that let you see your progress right away, and you can switch between the blocks and code–a format of learning that even Harvard uses! You can recreate the Flappy Bird game or get Elsa from Frozen to safety.


E.A.K. (Erase All Kittens)

If we know one thing, it’s that the Internet loves cats. In Erase All Kittens, you control the adorable Arca and use HTML andeak CSS to “hack” into the game code and help save kittens across different imaginary worlds. Best of all, there’s a code editor right in the game so you get to build your code AND rescue cats. Very cool.


Code Academy

codeacademyIf you’re ready to dive right into coding, Code Academy is one of the best ways to get hands-on instruction while building something you can see right away. Their tutorials allow you to recreate popular sites like Flipboard or Etsy from the ground up. Along the way, you learn valuable vocabulary and practices that are essential for writing good code.


  1. Joseph

    thanks channel one im in 6 grade and i like games and coding thanks for the help : } your the best

  2. sheriyah

    this makes it simple and easy if you want to start your own website or game

  3. Juan Martinez a.k.a. Future Mixer

    Coding is a good thing and you can actually learn how to make games so when you are older you can make money off the games you make.

  4. louis

    This is a cool thing for the students in different schools. It will make them much smarter

  5. Some Guy

    Have you heard of Scratch?

  6. ryan11110

    cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool!!!!!!!!

  7. Mason Weaver

    I’m only in the 8th grade but I’ve already started to learn Python and I have mastered HTML and my friends say I’m on my way to being a software developer. I’m glad to see that other people think that more people should get involved in coding and I love the idea about getting more girls into the subject. With ongoing technology, we’re going to need them. Thank You Channel One for bring this story to us!

    • louis

      same here but i`m in the 7th grade. Thanks Channel One for make this world happier.

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