Program Aims to Improve Trust & Build Relationships in Communities

By Tonka Dobreva 09.26.2016 interact

Coffee with a Cop is a national program designed to break the barriers of communication between citizens and law enforcement officers, to “improve trust and build relationships” in the communities. So if you ever felt intimidated when you saw cops, here’s your chance to get to know them better and ask them questions.

Since its inception, the Coffee with a Cop program has hosted events in all 50 states — and has even expanded internationally! And October 7th is now designated as Coffee with a Cop day.

Check out the list of upcoming events — you can find a Coffee with a Cop program near you and take the opportunity to chat with some of your local police officers.

What do you think? Can programs like this help improve the relationship between citizens and police officers? What other ways can communities employ to help ease the tensions?


  1. Jennika

    I think that coffee with a cop with help brighten, and repair the relationships with cops. All they want is to make the world a safe place, and this is allowing them to reach out to those who do not trust them. This I hope will help with the whole blacks v.s cops argument, and show the world that police want to keep you safe.

  2. Lana

    This is a great idea! Many people do not completely trust the police force, and this can help gain trust. Getting to know the police can show people what they joined for, and why they help the community.

  3. Corinne Snarr

    This would be very good for those who are against some of the choices that cops have to make.

  4. Brianna M

    I think that it would be a good opportunity because you can give back to them for they have done to help us in our daily lives. (Good cops)

  5. Anayah taylor

    I would love to have coffee with a cop because even though its kinda scary it would awesome because you get to hang out with the people who help our community to be safe and that’s kinda a big deal.

  6. Martha

    I would love to have coffee with a cop but I would kinda get scared because some of the cops are mean but still I would give it a shot

    • Neika Peterson

      Cops are not mean , they are here to help us not to scared us off. they are nice so i would like to give it a shot and i wont be scared or anything because i know they do good things for us.

  7. courtneygaskins2000

    I would love to have coffee with a cop. I would probably be to scared at first . I would like to give it a shot.

  8. courtneygaskins2000

    It would be really fun to do that. I would to have coffee with a cop. I would probably be to scared at first.

  9. Drerock3000

    I think coffee with a cop is a way to show that some police officers are friendly but not all of them.

  10. Rwarrlock

    Oh that is harsh.

  11. Belle_17

    I think its a good idea because it makes people feel better. I also think its a bad idea because if a cop tells someone how to cover up your tracks when you kill a person much more people would be in danger and it makes me feel unsafe.

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