Quiz: NCAA Challenge

By Abbey Tiderman 03.13.2017 interact

People go mad for the NCAA Division I Championship each year. Beloved by schools and alumni alike, college basketball teams attract fans of all ages and shot ranges.

Find out how much you know about NCAA basketball with this quiz. Then, tell us in the comments section below which team are you rooting for this year!



  1. Arabella

    Aye I’m savage I got 100 thats right my boi. So your sickkkkkkkkk!!!!!!

    • Ross Tempel

      So did I, first try, and I’m 13, so cool it.

  2. Conner

    I took it again and got 100 and im 12.

  3. dekevion tave


  4. desmond

    100 lets get it

  5. Aaron Ring

    Im not good at this quiz

  6. Fresno Unified Afterschool Program

    I finally did it

  7. Big tasty

    Wow I love basketball !! Let’s go Kentucky! ❤️

  8. Jerred slone

    Kentucky will win

    • dekevion tave

      UCLA will win

  9. kaden

    cool i guess……

  10. De'Shawn Williams

    That test was kind of hard but it was a a little easy.

  11. John Henry Roberts


  12. anna


    • jordan

      that was easy

  13. Robert montgomery

    That was easy, except the 1 i got wrong

    • tacobell09

      that was hard i had so much trouble on that i made a 10.33 but i think i did good better than you

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