Constitution Day

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In the summer of 1787, fifty-five men gathered at the statehouse in Philadelphia to examine, and then amend the failing Articles of Confederation. The document they went on to produce throughout the course of the summer is one of the great political writings of all time, influenced by the great thinkers of their time and of the past.

Explore The Constitution with the quiz and videos below, then take a deeper look into the legislative branch of government established by the document in the student guide below.

Constitution Myths & Mysteries

How much do you know about the Constitution? Take this quiz to find out!

For Students 

Constitution Day 2014: The Bill of Rights (PDF)

2013 Resources

For Students

Constitution Day 2013: The Legislative Branch (PDF)

For Teachers

Constitution Hall Pass Discussion Questions (PDF)

Online Resources

Constitution Resources Created by Experts

It’s one thing to make September 17th a national holiday. It’s another to ensure that every school is prepared to engage young people in a thoughtful consideration of what Constitution Day really means. We believe the following resources are among the most substantive and relevant available: assists schools in developing new scholastic broadcast journalism programs, and strengthen existing projects, through collaborations with their stable of professional journalists. brings teachers, students, principals and professional editors together to develop the best and brightest young talent for the journalism profession. is an online national reform initiative designed to transform how schools teach and practice the rights and responsibilities of citizenship. has established a clearinghouse of resources to help you celebrate the birthday of your government – featuring activities, lessons, books, DVDs and more.


Constitution Day Hall Pass: The Bill of Rights

From the National Constitution Center...

Constitution Day Hall Pass: The Presidency

George Stephanopoulos is here to celebrate Constitution Day 2012....

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