Consumerism and Waste

Posted on: 04.23.2014 in interact

Shopping is fun, but the more we buy, the more waste we produce. Understand how what you purchase leads to more pollution with this infographic. Then, take our quiz below to find out how many plastic bottles are thrown out every hour and more facts about consumerism and waste in America.

Think Green Before You Shop



  1. Paul

    I never recycle. It is much easier to just throw everything in the trash. LOL

  2. Nick J

    Its rather sad that we are using so much trash and yet we do nothing about it, and as Reddit has been telling us for years: “America, land of the free, trash”

  3. Zoe

    Hey guys

  4. Yolo


  5. Abbie Koenig

    I think that the people of our country, and the rest of the world should be more consious of what they throw away. Maybe before they throw something away, they could think “Can I recycle this?” Or before they buy something, they could think of how much trash, and money it could save you in the long run.

  6. Peetz 8th Grade Language Arts, Peetz, Colorado

    Hard to believe Americans buy more make up than the whole world spends on basic education. Americans should work on changing those numbers. The majority of our class recycles. Our goal is for 100% of our class to recycle one day.

    • Me

      Never going to happen, unless it’s a law, but then there will always be people who break laws.

  7. Grant Geisel

    I love the environment so much!!!! <3 <3 we need to save it and preserve it for others by not throwing away everything and putting it to good use!

  8. Skye

    I think the whole thing based around how the Americans are “wasteful” and the whole quiz was based around how wasteful ONLY Americans are was terrible. A lot of people whether you are in America or not think “You’re American, you’re automatically a terrible person.” And that is what upsets me…

  9. Inferno

    I think that we should just recycle, it is more cost effective and doesn’t hurt our earth as bad. We can also even turn trash into electricity using some types of power plant where they burn things from parades and other celebrations that are left behind.

  10. Brandon Champeaux

    The answer for the question is 2.5 million plastic bottles every hour which is very bad cause it takes plastic bottle is 450 years!!! And with that much plastic bottles in the land fill the whole earth might be deep in thrash and waste if we don’t recycle.

  11. Brandon Champeaux

    The answer for the question is 2.5 million plastic bottles every hour! Which is very sad how much recyclable stuff is thrown out each hour in the US.

  12. Ryan

    we are just really walking on trash and thats gross so REUSE what you are using. Dont throw-out a bottle put a diffrent drink in it.

  13. paolo

    I want to live a waste free lifestyle, Does eating my own buggers, so I don’t use kleenex count?

  14. Ameyers21

    that is a good idea to put all your trash in a mason jar.

  15. leighann

    I think it is sad that people spend all their lives learning about recycling from the news and school or even from other people. People should start recycling at a young age. If they grow up knowing that recycling is a good thing, maybe the world will last longer

  16. meece middle school student somerset kentucky

    it is easy to reuse simple things and buy recyclables to help the earth. next time you finish with a plastic bottle reuse it people, ITS THAT SIMPLE. If you go camping bring your trash paper and burn it in the camp fire. just do easy stuff like that.

  17. Shawn

    We can do more with plastic bottles and soda cans. If we reuse all the plastic water bottles that we buy there won’t be as much trash than there is now. We can make different projects out of different recyclables.

  18. billy the blue whale

    Wow people need to take care of the world am I right or am I right

  19. mms student

    why have a trash can if you don’t throw stuff away

  20. AMS student

    I think people should care more about what people throw out. Like, seriously you can use a plastic water bottle more than ounce and how do you like knowing you are walking trash right now that’s nasty. Just saying so think about that before you throw away another plastic water bottle or something that affects the world in a bad way.

    • PJ


    • Brianna lopez

      I think 6 million cause a lot of people throw a lot of trash

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