Play the Credit Card Simulator Game

By ch1c0nta@ctus 10.18.2014 interact > Games

Are you ready to go plastic? Get approved for a virtual platinum card, take a shopping spree at our online mall and find out about that pesky word “interest.”



  1. Bob Ross

    This game was not very creative, as an artist I would say it’s fatal flaw is the lack of longevity. 3/10 AT BEST

  2. Jerry Seinfeld

    What’s the deal with credit cards? There’s no deal, and there is no credit in having the card!

  3. I'm not telling you my name

    I <3'd this simulator!

  4. Crystal

    Thank you for letting me play this game:)

  5. Hannh Braun

    The video, the game, and the quiz all taught me about the use of credit cards and how different things effect them. Knowing how much money you have and what you are allowed to spend is crucial when operating a credit card. If you spend more money then allowed, you will be charged with fees. You will also be charged with fees if your payments are late. It is easy to lose track of your payments so make sure all purchases are recorded and everything on your statement is correct.

    • Kira

      Where did you find the quiz and the video you are talking about?

  6. Griffin day

    Im poor:(

  7. jay

    Great game, fun to play, easy to learn

  8. hailei

    very fun to use! I enjoyed the simulator!

  9. Billy Boss

    Insightful simulator my friends

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