Play the Credit Card Simulator Game

Posted on: 10.18.2014 in interact > Games

Are you ready to go plastic? Get approved for a virtual platinum card, take a shopping spree at our online mall and find out about that pesky word “interest.”


  1. Curtis

    This is Interesting,..

  2. Lebron James

    This game made me a new man. Boiii
    i never ovespend and and as always keep it A1 my brotha and kep it good for da st33ts in the noors 12k pc and children of his prey

  3. Hodee


  4. Lebron James

    This game taught me a valuable lesson. Stick with cash homeboiiiiiss

  5. ronda rousey

    man this game really knocked me out! LOLOOLOLOLOL

  6. cuz

    my mom

  7. Lebron James


  8. Claudia

    Wow you can only buy 2 or 3 things before you run out of money

  9. tj

    what is the video game called?

    • cux

      my mom

  10. Roudy Ralphy

    This makes me Roudy

  11. Byron Nice

    I think that it is important to let people know how fast things add up!

  12. Carlos Gomez

    Money spending

  13. patience wesseh


  14. Carlos Gomez

    Not bad

  15. Carlos Gomez

    It was pretty interesting.

  16. patience wesseh


  17. Jeshua

    It could have been worse…. But it was somewhat fun!!

  18. Jeshua

    Well it is fun for me actually.

  19. ImNotBlackSylvester

    It could have been worse…. But it was somewhat fun!!

    • Barry

      Plus Card

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