Dangerous Jobs

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Construction Worker With Angle Grinder

Are you meant for a career on the edge?


No. 10: Taxi drivers and chauffers *
Average Salary: $30,400

With as many as 67 work-related deaths each year, personal service drivers fall into 10th place on America's list of most dangerous jobs.

*All rankings based on occupation fatality rates per 100,000 employed.


No. 9: Drivers/truck drivers
Average Salary: $44,000

With 905 work-related deaths in 2004 alone, long-distance truck driving is the ninth most dangerous job in the United States.


No. 8: Electrical power line workers
Average Salary: $51,000

Electrical power line work clocks in at No. 8 on the list of most dangerous occupations, with an average 36 job-related deaths each year.


No. 7: Roofers
Average Salary: $30,000

Work-related deaths nearly doubled from previous years to more than 94 fatalities in 2004.


No. 6: Farmers and ranchers
Average Salary: $34,000

Work with high-powered machinery (tractors and balers) is the most common cause of on-the-job fatalities-- 307 in 2004.


No. 5: Refuse and recyclable material collectors
Average Salary: $25,000-60,000

At least 35 work-related deaths are reported on average each year.


No. 4: Structural iron and steel workers
Average Salary: $45,000

The iron and steel industry comes in fourth with 47 fatalities per 100,000 workers employed.


No. 3: Fishers and fishing workers
Average Salary: $46,000

The fishing industry is third in average fatalities each year-- 38 in 2004.


No. 2: Aircraft pilots
Average Salary: Depends on Experience

At No. 2, old equipment and poor machinery maintenance led to more than 100 pilot deaths in 2004.


No. 1: Logging workers
Twenty-two times more dangerous than all other American occupations, logging tops the list with a fatality rate of 92.4. In 2004 alone, 85 on-the-job deaths were attributed to the profession.

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