Day in the Life of a Reporter: Tom Hanson

Posted on: 05.25.2017 in interact

Tom Hanson gives you a sneak peek of what his day as a reporter looks like.

Morning Commute

When you host the show, you get to come in a little later than normal. Here I am, strollin’ through the Upper West Side on my way to work. Got to sleep in today!

Morning Commute Cars

This is my view walking to work in the morning. Lots of honking horns, and taxis. Look out!


Each day, we have a number of headlines that we have to track in the booth. Today’s was about Donald Trump’s budget plan. Let the fun begin!

Me and Cass

I truly view each and every one of my co-workers as part of our weird little family at Channel One. Rarely do I ever feel like I’m actually working – especially when I’m hangin’ with Cassandra Hudson!

Getting Ready for the Show

Doing my favorite daily task – printing scripts – before heading into the studio for another show.


Probably my favorite thing about our studio – the giant 1 logo that we refer to as the Enterprise Station… Beam me up, Scotty!


  1. jemyra

    Channel one is awesome. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. You all work so hard.[ALSO MY FRIEND THINKS YOUR CUTE

  2. Ella Limberg


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