Quiz: How to Stay Active During the Winter Months

By Abbey Tiderman 12.04.2016 interact

Before you launch into your winter workout routine, it’s important to figure out the difference between warm- and cold-weather exercise. We consulted the folks over at the American Running Association for the frosty 411. Now take this quiz and see if you have all the cold, hard facts!


  1. obrianna

    is that realy

  2. Kevin Tseng

    This test is hard like a rabit jump up to the roof and go down!

  3. Madison Elrod

    70 percent

  4. silverstarwarrior44

    i got 90%i think i did a good job!! >~<

  5. aquapaw

    dis is goooooood job at this i got 90%

  6. Leilani

    Believe in yourself❤️

  7. Leilani

    OMG I like basketball to I’ve been playing basket my intire life and I’m a 7th grader well to the point you guys are all right you guys should go out there and be active and stop sitting on your butt watching tv,cartoons go do something out side that makes you happy like basketball,volleyball,softball,baseball,soccer,and tennis, and don’t think what people think about you they shouldn’t be worried about you they should be worried about there self everyday people will say to me your a smart intelligent person and people shouldn’t treat you like a dog even if your not there color it doesn’t matter + whatever you want to do in life do it just because your friends don’t want to do what you want to do find someone that does like for me I have the bestest friend in the world and she loves me like family and she is not respectful or nothing she is the most caring person in the world I don’t know what to do without her

  8. Lexi Kollar

    So interesting you should send out more. PLEASE

  9. hannah Spencer

    thak u for the quiz it actually helps me understand what i need to do.

  10. Aidan

    Thaks for the quiz i’m looking forward to more quizes.

  11. mr.speicy

    People should get out more and at least try to be active so grab your coat and get out there!

  12. Kylie

    Staying active is a good way to have a good day. It keeps you awake, and personally I enjoy being active and do many sports.

  13. Cesar Torres

    Why do people need to work out in the cold when you can just work out ink your house

  14. D.D

    I got 100% i love winter i get my one snowmobile this year! and the are really fun!

  15. thomaswarren

    I got 100 percent it should be a little bit harder

  16. thomaswarren

    Awesome I loved this

  17. Martin V.

    WOW I didn’t know half of the stuff I had to redo it.

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