Quiz: Fun Facts About the History of Education in America

By 06.14.2016 interact

From wealthy children being taught privately by tutors, to massive public high schools with thousands of students, school has come a long way in this country.

Take the quiz to learn more about the history of education and the evolution of the American school.


  1. Anonymous

    Quiz Question:

    Who started the Catholic School system in Maryland and started the Sisters of Charity in Maryland?

    I know the answer, but just take a guess. You can look the answer on the internet.

  2. Amanda

    We have changed a lot regarding education. Before, you would have to read a book or ask someone if you needed information. Now you can get the information you need anywhere from your smartphone. This has it’s good and bad effects.

  3. Nyla Crumb

    Lets do this AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Karina Reyes

    schools have changed because there is so much technology now. kids are learning differently than before.

  5. Sean

    I got 70% correct

  6. Maggie Dorris

    Schools in the United States have changed because of the intelligence being gained by people all over the world. Every day people are getting smarter and discovering new things and inventions. Yes, technology certainly helps with everyday learning and helps keep records safer, but I believe that as a human race we are becoming smarter as a whole.

  7. Kaitlyn & Mackenna

    Schools have changed over time because now everything is on the computer compared to when it was all on paper.It saves a lot of money for school expenses.But at some points it is more expensive to buy the computer so we think they have changed a lot!

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