Are You Fit for Sports?

By Abbey Tiderman 09.15.2014 interact

We get it. It’s not always easy to find the time or energy to exercise. But there’s no denying that doing so regularly will help keep you fit and your endurance up. Want to know where you stand? Take our endurance test below.

Are You Fit for Sports?

Quiz: Endurance Test


  1. Sarah Ontiveros

    10 out of 10 baby,YAAAAAAAY!!!!

  2. SarahEP5

    I got 70%,,,oh well

  3. VolleyBallGirl

    YAY!!!!!! I got 100%

  4. Anthony

    Easy u should do theese every day and btw 10 out of 10 (i do theese every day)

  5. skullbutt234

    I only got two wrong so I got an 80 percent. Yay.

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