Civil Rights in the US

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Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jr. and Thurgood Marshall were three of the key players in our country’s 1960s civil rights movement. Yet thousands upon thousands of people — black and white — banned together, one struggle at a time to fight for the rights of African Americans.

How much do you know about the major events in civil rights history? Take the quiz below to find out.


  1. AJ/Angelina Punnett

    CIVIL RIGHTS WAR was awesome I don’t care what color you are (you could be purple for all I care) your still a human and nothing is different. I’m happy most people aren’t judged about their color.

  2. Callie Tuma

    I love the civil rights movements it has been really inspiring.

  3. Amiracus

    I got most of these right because I’m from Montgomery and the ones I got wrong really taught me a lot

  4. Paije Surls

    Channel one has taught me a lot . Thank you so much.

  5. Bryce Bass

    I think it dosn’t matter what race you are to stay on the same bus.

  6. Baylee

    Very Glad everyone is free now!

  7. Brady Johns

    Rosa Parks did the right thing Martin Lurther Kind Jr. also did the right thing

  8. Brady Johns

    Rosa parks did the right thing black’s deserved to be treated right back then Martin Lurther King Jr. did the right thing also.

  9. Mrs Oldani's Class

    I’m glad we are equal now.

  10. Brandon Leber

    I learned a lot from the channel one pop quiz’s and they are always fun

  11. Jake

    I’m glad we aren’t segregated today! That was unfair, even though back then, it was a way of life. Thank You, Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King!

  12. Taylor

    So glad that we’re all equal now!

  13. Dionte McCormick

    I thank that was not right because that man could had sat in another seat . I know it was more seat then just that one

    • Colton Nesland

      I think that that was not right and that the white person could have sat a different seat because in the video their was more seats open on the bus.

  14. Mary Cannon's Class

    We LEARNED stuff from the Channel One Pop Quiz… we can go home for the day!!!!!! LOL

    • SAM

      Lucky, we watch CH1 in 5th period.

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