Food Label Lingo Quiz

By ch1c0nta@ctus 02.13.2016 interact

Low-carb. Low-calorie. Low-fat. Lo and behold– there are as many confusing food terms in your local grocery store as there are actual food products. Do you know what each of these terms actually mean? Take the quiz to find out.



  1. np

    i like all food

  2. Idubbz

    HEY!… That’s pretty good!

  3. Tai

    Yucky,chips,fries are bad for u stay Healthy

  4. Allison Viveros-perez

    I love channel on News but I want them to come to Grandville Middle School in Grandville, Michigan. Also I know they were in Michigan but not at my school.

  5. Alex

    Tha was awesome

  6. Sky Williams

    WOW! Whats funny is i was just at lunch and my friend was complaining about the sodium in a pacific type of lunchables.

  7. Noah

    That was interesting

  8. Sydney S

    Wow!!! That is really cool.

  9. Carolena Whitaker

    It was a hard but cool quiz love y’all channel one news my class mrs.berry’s home room and other classes watch it every day

  10. shelby Maple

    I never knew a bunch of these! I need to start paying attention more!

  11. kaden

    Wow i didn t’ know that is cool

  12. kaden

    Wow i wish i knew that it is cool

  13. jayden froedge

    it was an easy quiz

  14. Fatima

    I love your show!!!!!! I wonder how you guys always get the facts from so many different places all the time. (Tell your secrets on to perform an excellent show later on .)

  15. ANJELA

    WOW!!!! THATS COOL! Can i help with that too!? PPPPLLLLEEEEAAAASSSSEEE

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