Quiz: Founding Fathers

Posted on: 01.29.2015 in interact

Can you name those famous fellas in white wigs who founded our nation? As you know, in 1776, many very important political leaders signed the Declaration of Independence, separating the American colonies from the rule of Great Britain.

Though there were 55 delegates present at the signing of the Declaration of Independence, including many different politicians, soldiers and statesmen who helped make the United States of America a sovereign nation, there are seven key figures that stand out historically.

Find out how much you know about these big wigs in our founding fathers quiz.


  1. Chad Lamb

    You made it seem, on the question about John Jay, that he was also president of the Continental Congress from 1789-1795, but the Constitution had been established by then and there was no Continental Congress.

  2. Anna

    I’m in 6th grade and got a b- 80%

    • LynaWais

      I’m ten and I got 60%.#HAMLTONFAN

  3. Ian bennett

    I got 100% on the test it was really easy to do and yea for me

  4. Meredith Parker

    I got 100%
    Hamilton is my fave and it’s completely worth it to get 100%

  5. Emma

    i got an 80. That quiz was hard

  6. Tom foster

    this history “quiz” was so easy i learned about these men when i was in 1st grade

  7. Timothy J. Krapbil

    I got 10 out of 10 it was fun!

  8. Kaitlin

    I got a 100% YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Tyler Prehm

    Totally killed it, dude. Can’t wait to destroy another quiz. Keep rocking in the free world Tom Hanson.

  10. Sean

    Why don’t we ever celebrate the signing date for the Bill of Rights like we do for the signing dates of the Declaration of Independence (The Fourth of July) and the US Constitution (Constitution Day)? The Bill of Rights is just as important as the Declaration of Independence and US Constitution, because it gives Citizens in the USA important rights and freedoms like Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Speech, and the Right to Free Trial. So we should have a holiday for the signing date of the Bill of Rights to celebrate its importance to our country.

  11. North Posey High School

    The quiz was really good!!!!!

  12. ms. inmans 5th grade class from mcalester oklahoma

    We made a 90% and we are only 5th GRADERS!!!!!
    we pretty much ROCK!!!!

  13. Gavin Huffman

    That quiz was really fun.I had a report in history I got Thomas Jefferson.

    • Ian bennett

      I got 100% on this it was easy

    • Mason Miller

      I got 100% i am really good at social studies.

  14. Juliana Gozalez

    hey i got 70% that still counts as passing right

  15. Blayne

    3 out of 10. Really channelone you have to make your quizzes hard?

    • UR MOM

      I got 10 out of 10. It’s not that hard.

  16. Krissy

    This quiz needs more Hamilton!!!!!!

    • kalup g

      I agree…..!!!!!!!

    • Meredith Parker


  17. Erich Kittlaus

    Thomas Jefferson was not one of the authors of the Constitution. During the Constitutional Convention, Jefferson was serving as the U.S. Minister to France. Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence.

    • Branden Niwa

      Wow Mr. K Just WOW

    • Keith

      I really like history but my favorite is ww2, I wonder if they’ll make a movie or a play or a run educational cartoon,

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