Religion in the US

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America is the land of the free, and the First Amendment of the US Constitution guarantees citizens many rights, including the freedom of religion.

Learn more about faith in the US with this quiz:


  1. Liveinlove

    Some people just need Jesus.

    • Gloria


  2. Christian O'Hara


  3. Austin Birnbaum

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  7. Hailee

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  8. Camry

    I really belive that this racial discramtion is really wrong. I mean its not fair for people to be treated like this because of there religion. Who really cares if you date the same sex?! Not being served because of it isnt right. People just really need to think about this

    • Kentucky F.

      It is important to realize that private businesses have the right to chose who they serve, and don’t. Regardless of reason. Forcing privately owned businesses/corporations to infringe on their beliefs would be voiding the rights of the owner(s). In other terms, if you don’t agree with ones believes, chose another place to eat. The first Amendment is for all people, not just individuals. The business owner has the right to serve who they chose, the customers have they right to choose where they dine. To make life simple, and to preserve they rights of all; if you don’t agree with ones decision, move along and find a business that stands with you. I hope this has helped!
      Kentucky F.

      • GReinhart87

        People should respect another’s beliefs. Some people may disrespect others, but that does not mean all people of that same group would do the same. Asking someone to do something that affects their beliefs on such a level is disrespectful towards them and beliefs. However, that does not mean one should, from this, willingly discriminate another just because of their differences.

        • Elizabeth

          If you are asking people to respect your beliefs, respect their practices and beliefs back.

        • Elizabeth

          If you want people to respect your beliefs, then respect everyone else in return. Making religious freedom laws and denying someone of a good or service because they do something against what you think is right is completely dehumanising and wrong.

  9. zaza

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  11. Chase Crowder

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