Freedom of Speech in the US

Posted on: 12.01.2014 in interact

America is often called “the land of the free,” and according to the First Amendment, that freedom also applies to speech. For most people, it means that under the law, Americans are free to say (and not say), for the most part, whatever they wish. However, the idea of “free speech” and what it means is far more complicated than that.

When there are major disputes over what falls under free speech, the Supreme Court of the United States is often asked to step in and decide whether an action or statement falls under the protection of the First Amendment. You can read about some of the landmark cases that changed the definition of free speech in America below:



  1. Lon Bair Jr.

    I believe that it is our birth right to say what we want. We are given the right to choose to be born we have no control over that. However we have control over our voices we as individuals aside from the government should have the ability to say what we please when we please. I can see it not being allowed if it harms someone physically such as loss of job or home. Although i also say if you don’t like what is said then don’t listen because what you ban because it “offended” you may appeal to others and they are not your words to critic and judge they are our own individual creations. Life is lived by each person by their own selves be practical no ignorant

  2. richardd

    Anyone should have the right to say and freedom to say what they think is right in their opinion. Even if someone else doesn’t approve. I understand there is boundaries, which can be good and bad, but it’s there opinion, which in my opinion they are entitled to.

  3. Taylor C

    Freedom of speech is great to have, as long as you don’t abuse and misuse the power of it.

  4. Kaela Aranda

    Freedom of speech is a given right to citizens and should be allowed to voice their opinions

  5. Ashleigh Gilleland

    Freedom of speech is something that was specifically given to us. Yes, I think we deserve to express ourselves, but there should be limits on what is said to be appropriate.

  6. Tyler Hudson

    Freedom of speech is a great thing to have in most cases because if their is something that is going on in the government that we do not like, the people can say something. Some people do not know when to stop, and they end up getting in trouble for some of the things they say.

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