Women in the Military

By ch1c0nta@ctus 09.16.2015 interact

From the American Revolution to the war in Iraq, women have made important contributions to the U.S. military. Find out more about these brave heroines with the quiz below.


  1. Jhynné C.

    Woman can have rights just like men.Men always had what they want now it is time for woman to shine and were here to

  2. Maddy

    Women should be able to show the world they are as strong as men. We are not little weaklings! It hurts all of the girls feelings when men say you fight like a girl we should be able to take those men down and show them what they are missing and why they need us in the world!

  3. Maddy

    Women can do anything! We can prove too!

  4. Grace Craver

    Who ever thinks that women aren’t as capable as men is not smart. Agender difference doesn’t change anything.

  5. sam

    i think woman in the army is allowed

  6. Dylan Sparks


  7. Dylan Sparks

    Women shouldbe in the miltary

  8. Brandon J. Dew

    I don’t believe that women today should join men in battle because of their results in combat. I do, however, think that women should train and work hard for their spot in the line, and when the time comes they may be able to fight with men in the war, though if many women die in war it will be hard reproduce (don’t take me the wrong way).

    • Natasha

      I thing that all wimen kave the rite to do whatever they want and that they are smart anoghf to know what there doing and what they are in for.

      My spelling might be realy bad

  9. McKenzie

    I think that women shod be able to do what men do in the military. If women
    want to risk injury in the military thay shod.

  10. Tyler Seger

    I think women should be able to serve in war because the two females who completed the obstacle course proved hey can handle as much as men can.

    • Monica

      After they failed the course 2 times. I believed of the third time they successfully completed it. Don’t get me wrong, if they can do it, that’s great. However, ‘gender equality’ isn’t worth risking other people’s lives. This is coming from a female.

  11. bandanaqueen2

    i didnt do so good i didnt know a whole lot

  12. Animatronic Cat

    1.I sucked at that

  13. Xavi1958

    I think women should be in the military. One big step for women

  14. Tristian

    I think that women should get a chance in the front row this time, Not men. Because back in the day, Women had no rights what so ever. they were just like slaves, they didn’t get the right to vote until 1920. Boy, That’s a long time. Anyway, I want women to be with men.

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