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Posted on: 11.04.2010 in interact > Fun

Sixty-five percent of people in the U.S. play video games. And a quarter of them are teens, but how much do you really know about your favorite consoles, games and characters? Well, take your knowledge of gaming history to the next level and make Mario proud.

Here’s a fun fact before you do: Did you know that Mario and his brother Luigi star in the most successful video game series? Yep, those fireball-throwing plumbers have sold over 225 million copies.

The History of Video Games

From Pong to Pac Man, get the scoop on what’s what in video game history.


  1. TheQuicksaber

    this was so easy! i got 9 out of 9 first time!

  2. south park rules

    this was so easy

  3. AlbinoPanda

    3 out of 9

  4. dudes20044

    3 out of 9

  5. Eva

    3 out of 9 i am soooooooo bad at this!

  6. Anthony

    I got 100%

    • Eva


      • charizard

        i got 6 of 9

  7. Jayden

    i got a 66 man i love video games but if they ok ima try again.

  8. Sara

    I was horrible at this quiz.

  9. Lamunt

    I am the Boss of this t3st i am right T3sting scr3s mhmmm

  10. bob

    I bomd the tes3t



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