Geography Bee Quiz

By Tonka Dobreva 05.11.2017 interact

Every year students across the country spend months memorizing trivia about countries all over the world for a chance to compete in the National Geographic Bee. The winner gets thousands of dollars in scholarship money, and the chance to say that they’re one of the smartest kids in the U.S.!

Think you have what it takes? Try out some sample questions in the quiz below.


  1. Joaquin


  2. Ethan Marin

    Wow that was so easy I know vary little about geography but I still got 11/11

    • Joaquin

      I know right

  3. Logan Florea

    Happy Birthday Channel One from Mrs. Wellman’s Second Period Sixth Grade class.

  4. rocky dude 101

    that geography bee was so easy, I got an 11/11 and got a 100% on it.

  5. catlyn

    awww man

  6. Philip Clement

    Whoa. I love Bieber.

  7. Max Ferguson

    it is blockeed

    • rocky dude 101

      that was so easy

    • skullbutt234

      Max I think you are using a school laptop. I am on my school laptop and it is blocked.

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