5 Benefits of Digital Detox

By Tonka Dobreva 02.25.2016 interact

Could you give up all technology for a week?

If your answer is no, you’re not alone. Research found that over 50 percent of people have some fear or anxiety about the idea of going without the Internet and their mobile devices. If the idea of being away from your cell phone gives you the willies, it may be time for you to go tech free. Check out our list of 5 reasons you should try.

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Have you ever noticed that the more time you spend on your laptop, the worse your sleep is? That’s your body telling you something is up. The light from our phones, tablets and laptops confuse the circadian rhythm of our bodies, which is responsible for good sleep at night. A Harvard study found that the blue light that devices give off can throw off your sleep by almost three hours, and they recommend avoiding looking at bright screens two to three hours before your bedtime.

Have you ever heard of “text neck?” The term was coined by Dr. Dean Fishman after he realized that a 17-year-old patient’s headaches and neck pain came from her bad posture as she hunched over her smartphone. The human head weighs a lot, and thanks to gravity, the more you bend your neck, the harder it gets for your spine to keep up all that weight. Your head won’t fall off, but it can lead to bad headaches and irreversible damage to your neck and back.

Iphone 5S With Ios 8 In Hand Over Macbook Pro

Much like the flu, stress can be contagious. Studies show that women who use social media frequently can feel more stressed thanks to the “cost of caring,” meaning that when other people express stress, say over a paper, or a particularly hard assignment on social media, you can then feel stressed even if you’re not going through the same thing. If you constantly feel like you’re under a huge amount of pressure, unplugging can be just what the doctor ordered.

Iphone 5S With Ios 8 In Hand Over Macbook Pro

Usually when we’re on our phones, we’re connecting with someone, whether it’s by responding to tweets or leaving carefully chosen emojis under a friend’s picture. But those digital connections don’t always translate to real life. Researchers at the University of Maryland found that people who spend a lot of time on their cellphones are more selfish and think less about how their actions affect other people.

Iphone 5S With Ios 8 In Hand Over Macbook Pro

By now you’ve probably heard of all the camps and programs dedicated to getting people to put down their gadgets and get moving. They sound kind of weird, but studies show that putting down your tablet can make you healthier. People spend so much time sitting down behind a computer or on front of a television screen that going tech free for half an hour a day to do some physical activity can increase your heart health.

Have you tried going tech free? How hard was it? Let us know in the comments!


  1. Sophie

    I think I will definitely try this during Thanksgiving. Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday of this week I will not go on any electronics. I hope it makes a difference in my health, sleep, attitude, and behavior!

  2. Claire

    yeah I will try

  3. Ender

    Can you put me on the show?

    i just use internet and technology to chat with my Girlfriend in kannapolis because she lives close, but not close enough, and for my Aminos, Like UnderTale Amino and Warriors Cats Amino.

    • caleb

      is is so cool

  4. cheyenne

    I’m probably one of them teenagers that would die without a phone,tablet,computer etc. I guess i cant go without my phone… i take it everywhere i go… i mean i use it to text people and to go on social media but anyways what i’m trying to say is i feel safe with it because if i need help or if something happened then i could call my parent or guardian …. some people say that is is bad for teens to have a phone ..but i don’t think its bad… i actually think its good enough for us teens to have them.

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