Greenest Cities in the US

By Tonka Dobreva 04.22.2015 interact

International Business Times last year ranked the Top 10 Greenest Cities in America based on the size of a city’s carbon footprint, the number of LEED-certified buildings and the amount of green space they have. Based on that list, we put together this interactive map– click on a city below to see some of its local green initiatives that create a healthier environment for the residents.

Is your city on the list? You can brag in the comments section below — or you can tell us what your city or town is doing that makes it worthy to get an honorable mention.





  1. Ryan Lincoln

    I live in Iowa and it is really green not just corn fields

  2. Connor


  3. Connor

    I live near chicago, but i dont know how it is the greenest, it isn’t polluted, but I wouldnt expect it to be at the top.

  4. biffle

    I’m so happy that Chicago is one of the greenest cities in the USA.

  5. Colin

    Well my city is not here but I am close to Chicago so I guess that is pretty good

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