Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Halloween?

By ch1c0nta@ctus 10.30.2016 interact

How much do you know about the creepiest day of the year? Get in a spooky mood with our quiz. Trick or treat, what we have for you is pretty sweet.


  1. santa

    I learn a lot a now facts form this quiz. it was harder then I thought it will be. =] =]

  2. Sky Williams

    my friend doesn’t believe in Halloween and doesn’t celebrate it. i love it but i do understand why she wont do it. i think in our days though, Halloween isn’t understood by most people now becuase people celebrate it for their kids to get candy. HAPPY HALLOWEEN ABIGAL 😉

  3. christopher

    halloween is the best except clown’s on the 31st i see a clown i am running even though i do not like clown’s i love halloween i really love the scary stuff

  4. The Biggest Doofus In The World


    Oops Caps Lock Was On.

  5. Ecko Osborn

    Halloween is one of the best holidays because it is the only time you get to dress up spooky.

    • Znyah Johnson

      Not exactly

  6. Emma

    I’ve recently done a PowerPoint about this at school and I thought I was an expert ,but am not at all !

    • Goloco

      I know right

    • Ryan

      Its Hard!

  7. jzjjfd

    cant wait till 31st

  8. Marley


  9. Riley

    yes it is a good transpormation

  10. Brenda

    It was intersting

  11. Mrs. Gillmore's English 12

    Cyboards are innovative. One of us, on a college day, saw two being used yesterday on an Arkansas campus.

    Would we purchase one? “Maybe.” “I would.” “If I had the money.” “Yeah!”

  12. Manriquez's class

    I hate Halloween, it makes my dentist rich.
    It is scary and some people go overboard.

    Movies and candy are cool though.

    At least we can get a free burrito at Chiptole, but remember don’t ride a hover board in there.

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