Quiz: Is Your Relationship Healthy?

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Relationships are a very important part teen life. A healthy relationship can uplift, empower and make for some fun memories with a significant other. Healthy relationships also teach teens important social and communication skills.

Take our quiz to see if you know what makes a relationship a healthy one. Then tell us in the comments section below what you think is the most important factor for a healthy relationship.

And if you think that you or someone you know may be a victim of an abusive relationship, here’s how to seek help.

Healthy Relationship Quiz

Get the facts on communication, compromise, and control.


  1. Krislyn randles

    My relationship is healthy be a we get alone well sometimes but I’m always worried about where he’s at

  2. Rena

    This helped a lot☺

  3. Bailey

    My Friends Boyfriend and my friend are tight but, my friend feels like her boyfriend is not telling her stuff when he went out with his friends and other girls. What should she do about it?

    • Emily

      Hey! I worry all the time about my boyfriend! Tell your friend it’s ok and whenever she worries, tell her he’s ok and if they are tight, he’s telling her everything! Boys are just gonna be boys

    • Emily

      Hey! He’s probably out there doing stuff but boys are just gonna be boys!

  4. william hineline

    will I ever get someone

  5. alyssia

    my boyfriend isnt the one for me he tells every one we dont go out

    • zykeria

      Their are more fish in the sea leave him alone because no woman should not fall victim to a boy thats not worth it.

  6. Tristen Willis

    That is a good thing team one vote does a quiz because you never what is going on in people relationships

    • Michelle

      You should just leave him alone, because if he doesn’t claim you in public he shouldn’t try to be with you behind close doors. There is a million different guys out there is would be happy to have you as a girlfriend.He is not man enough to see what he have in you so don’t force him to claim you.Just move on and find someone better.

  7. Jillian Rockley

    This was so cool to take, i understand what I’m supposed to do in a relationship!

  8. Abby thomas


  9. Abby thomas

    Yes cause a relationships are import

  10. Abby thomas

    Yes relationship are import and heath

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