Quiz: Hispanic Heritage in the U.S.

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Many Americans are living between cultures. Whether immigrants, first or fifth generation, people often feel tied to both their ancestry and American culture.

Hispanic Americans are one example. Take the quiz to see how they have held onto their heritage while living the American dream.


  1. Ian

    I got a 50

  2. Abby

    ugh i’m terrible at this I only got 6 right!!!

  3. Travis

    NICE! I got all of them 😉

  4. Emily Sansone

    When you get a 35.71 percent:(

    • Ian

      Don’t fell bad I only go a 50

  5. Pseudolus

    Channel One News is like the best news ever. I enjoy missing class time to watch this every day. Can we please get different Pathways careers? I want to be a physical therapist, too. I’ve only known for the last week or so, though. Missed 4 questions, not bad for non-Hispanic kid. AYYYYYYYYYYYY LMAO. #icy

  6. jackbrunner

    😉 i got a 11/11


      COOL MAN



    • nexttoyouinmathithink

      ayy lmao

  7. jackbrunner

    Heyyyyyyyyyyyyy 😉 i got a 11/11

  8. jackbrunner

    Heyyyyyyyyyyyyy 😉

  9. Sir Shadow

    OMG! I failed the test, 42%, or 4 of 11 questions answered correctly.

  10. Parker K.

    So Cool

  11. 3robert

    ik right dude omg its sick u feel

  12. Emily Richmond

    Heyy:) The Hispanic cultures is an awesome culture to learn about

    • 3robert

      i no right dude omg!!!

      • jackbrunner

        the Hispanic culture is awesome!!!!!!!!

        • Nic

          I know right!

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