Quiz: History Myth Busters

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The first Columbus Day was celebrated in 1792, in honor of Christopher Columbus landing in the New World on October 12, 1492. The U.S. made it an official holiday in 1937. For many, the holiday marks the achievements of Columbus and Italian-American heritage, for others, it’s more controversial.

Over the past few decades, historians revealed new evidence about Columbus’ exploration and treatment of native people, which has resulted in new traditions and attitudes regarding the holiday. Native Americans and other groups protest the celebrations, denouncing the explorers hero status.

Did Columbus really discover America? Did Marco Polo really introduce pasta to Italy? Take the quiz to test your knowledge of great explorers.


  1. Madison

    Christopher Columbus wasn’t even the first one to “discover” the new world (America). Vikings and Native Americans were there before he was. I don’t think we should celebrate Columbus Day. And if we do celebrate it, should it be called Columbus Day?

  2. Mr. Buniewicz's 4th/5th Grade Class

    On the quiz, we disagree with question 3. Marco Polo, who lived centuries before de Balboa, set eyes on the Pacific Ocean.

  3. Kaylee Aders

    In my opinion I believe that Columbus day should not be celebrated, I never knew that Columbus was so evil and killed so many innocent people. Why celebrate a day when an evil man came and started to kill? it seems wrong to celebrate a day like that. Therefore I believe that Columbus day should not be celebrated.

  4. Cierra

    We should not celebrate someone who killed our native people… Columbus did not discover amarica our natives did!!!!

    • john

      do cierras idea

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