Quiz: Unwrap the Secrets to These Holiday Traditions

Posted on: 12.08.2016 in interact

Deck the halls with lots of holiday cheer with a fun quiz and guides for the chilly months filled with friends, family and lots of festive foods. Ever wonder why people hang stockings on their mantle? How about the tradition of eating turkey on Thanksgiving? Unwrap the secrets to these holiday traditions and more in the Holiday Mythbusters quiz below.


Holiday Mythbusters

Does turkey make you sleepy? Why hang stockings on the mantle? Unrap the facts here.


  1. shark week

    100% wow that was easy lol

  2. Akmal

    !00% SWEET

  3. Kiley WAllin

    100% first try :))))))

  4. jesse

    8/8 A+

  5. Hayden

    I redid it and got 75%

  6. Hayden

    Wow lol I only got half of them right lol

    • Ervng Velazquez

      i got 1 wrong because i said santa wasnt real

      • derp

        ur smart

  7. Ryan ulichny

    100% sweet

    • Collin

      I got 100% also

  8. Brad

    100 sweet

  9. Kyyen Shigley

    I only know some of December holidays but they all sound important to some people

  10. Hannah Fink

    ST.NICOLAS IS A MONK…… cool!

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