How to Be an Inventor

By ch1c0nta@ctus 08.12.2014 interact

Do you have a great idea?

Whether your idea is groundbreaking like Thomas Edison’s light bulb, or just makes life easier like Earl Silas Tupper’s Tupperware line, our quiz will take you through what it means to invent, market and sell your invention.


  1. charzar 18

    It was Easy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Allylol

    6/10!!!!! If Mrs. A, Ms, Tanner, Mrs. Medina, or Mr. Putnam are reading this, miss you teachers! And I am going to keep watching Channel One this year!!! Thanks for changing my world!!!!!!!! 🙂

  3. Jack Rodriguez

    10 out of 10! woo hoo!

  4. LilNickiCute

    I got 10/11 Maybe i might think about inventing my, own invention.

  5. Anthony

    I got ’em all right -feels accomplished-

  6. Hiram

    I got a 4/11 i don’t think I’m going to be an inventor

  7. Stasi

    I didn’t get a great score, but I know I’ll be an inventor some day!

  8. joe30126

    no it was hard

  9. Desiree Daye


  10. vghby

    hey i want to create a robot

  11. Emma Laux

    I got 10/11 on my second try! (90.91%) I would like to become an inventor if I got the stuff to do it!

  12. Nunya

    got 7/11 ^^ I feel accomplished

  13. Nicole

    I got 11/11 (100%) on my second try


      good for u i am still on my first try and i am already missing 2

  14. Nicole

    I got 8/11 (72.73%) I still want to be an inventor:)

  15. annymus

    i trd the quz. i am gn 2 be an invntr! i gt a 11/11. im nt evn tht smrt. i alrdy invntd sumthn, & im fmous 4 it alrdy! my dad invntd sumthn wt me, whch mde us bth fmous! bye 4 nw ppl & thx 4 spndin the tme 2 read my mssg! if u wnt 2 email my dad 4 sum info on invntns, email hm at:
    yes, i am relted 2 john green, he’s my dad. he just wrt the bk, “The Fault In Our Stars”. i cm up with mst of the info. he cm up wth the idea 4 the movie.

  16. Quest130

    AWESOME quiz

  17. Quest130

    Got 10/11 right. But even if you get them all wrong you can still be an inventor!

    • LilNickiCute

      i got the same 10/11

  18. pokeswyeah

    I always had ideas.

  19. Bevis+Butthead

    I tried but I will still try to be an inventor. 🙂 My real name is Michael Harland

  20. Robert

    I can be an inventor! Right? I can’t wait till i get out and make flying cars and free vending machines and the infinity cookie. Is that too much imagination?

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