How to Grow Your Own Garden

Posted on: 09.22.2016 in interact

If you’ve ever had a garden, you probably live in a place that you have a bit of space, or at least a backyard. But what if you lived in a apartment in a city? Or if you suddenly had a hankering for some fresh arugula in the dead of winter, when not much of anything is going to grow outside?

It’s easy — and pretty inexpensive — to grow your own food inside using containers or even a hydroponic system.


gal-hydroponic-vegetables-3.jpgYou can easily set up your own garden at home, even if you have very little space. One way to do that is with an aeroponic growing system like the one these students in New York use.




Hydroponigal-hydroponic-vegetables-2.jpgcs is a method of growing plants in nutrient-rich water, without soil. People who live in cities have little or no room to grow vegetables. Hydroponics offers an important solution for growing needed food in very little space. Learn more about the different hydroponic systems here. 



Container Garden

gal-hydroponic-gardening-7.jpg You can also set up an at-home container garden using simple supplies like 5-gallon buckets, soil and seeds. You’ll also need to make sure your plants have access to enough sunlight, at least five hours a day according to The Farmer’s Almanac.




gal-hydroponic-gardening-5.jpgAnother fun way to grow your own food is with sprouting. If you decide to try it, just make sure you cook everything you grow because they can contain bacteria.





Before you know it, you’ll be harvesting your own dinner!


  1. Rylee

    I think its Awesome to be able to a garden at your own school.

  2. Mallory

    Hydroponics is a good idea! People can sell fresh fruit and veggies in the heart of a city. It can also motivate you to eat healthier because most people wouldn’t have access to chemical-free veggies and fruits. With hydroponics there is no need to use chemicals because the insects don’t get in the plants. The reason why is because it is all indoor.

  3. alayna

    it sound very cool

  4. Chris

    That is AWSOME and that’s might be my job.

    • Gabby


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